The Mission

To help Licensed Real Estate Agents across the US & Canada grow their business with consistent opportunity flow & become the dominant force in their market by implementing a value-first listing acquisition system that unlocks growth and overtime leads to higher profits and gives agents the keys to build the business of their dreams.
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About Meskula
Meskula is THE real estate growth partner, helping Licensed Realtors who are tying to reach +$1mm in yearly revenue scale across the US & Canada! 🇺🇸🇨🇦 Founded in 2020, we've worked with over 200 agents to drive growth through implementing proven frameworks and systems that unlock scale, time, and freedom to focus on what matters.
Multi-Talented Team
Meet Our Team
We’re a high-performance team supercharged with Finnish Sisu, customer obsession coursing through our veins and… we actually give a f*ck! What’s more, our simplified process lets us work better together than alone and achieve amazing results for Realtors across the US & Canada every day!
Eetu Häkkinen
Founder & CEO
Aaron Brewer
VP of Sales
Austin Comeaux
Sales Development Representative
Chase Hurst
Sales Development Representative
Chris Davies
Growth Consultant
Joshua Vail
Growth Consultant
Peter Bergin
Growth Consultant
Karen Lopez
Client Success Manager
Emmanuel Lopez
Client Success Manager
Michelle Ruiz
Jr. Client Success Manager
Grigore Cusnir
Media Buyer
Anca Elamparo
Media Buyer
Mayenne Balaba
Onboarding Specialist
Erika Familgan
Appointment Setter
Ana Maria Marin Borja
Appointment Setter
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Frequently Asked Questions
Will leads be exclusive to me?

Yes! All leads generated won't just be exclusive but will be having conversation with your AI assistant Ashley and therefore already know who you are before you ever get in touch.

Do I need to spend a lot of money on this system?

Great question 🙂 The answer: NOPE! We've had tons of clients see success fast even on smaller budgets. The strategies we implement with you are designed to work even on smaller budgets. That being said it also creates a great foundation for you to grow off of and scale your business faster.

Are you going to hard sell me if I show up to the call?

Short answer? NO! The call you are scheduling is simply a gameplan session where we get a better understanding of where you're at, and where the biggest gap of opportunity is. We'll create a game plan for you that's designed to help you unlock potential revenue stuck in your current process.

We don't just work with anyone - we have strict qualifications. We only make an offer if we know 100% it is a Win-Win.

Does this work in a unique market?

We remove all risk with our performance guarantee. After spending over a million dollars on ads all across the US and Canada, we have a robust understanding of how to succeed in a new market. At one point, every customer success story was a brand new area to us, and we delivered!

Will this work for me?

A performance guarantee, customer success manager to hold your hand throughout the whole process, and full exclusivity to your service area. We generate cold hard results, guaranteed.

Does this work with my current CRM?

Our CRM is a pivotal piece of our system and it is what our team uses in order to nurture, follow up, and book appointments with your leads. As a customer, it is very low maintenance and we do not require you to exclusively use our CRM if you don’t want to.

Do social media ads work?

With the right experience, technology & training, social media advertising is extremely effective. Before, you had to gamble on ads yourself trying to figure out the stuff using your hard-earned dollar. Instead, work with a team that has spent over $1M+ on social media ads successfully. We've dialed in a process that just works.

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